Felix LaBauve Chapter
National Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Delta District of Mississippi

First Vice Regent-Mary Dixon
Recording Secretary-Hallie Hylander
Registrar-Sandra Sims Brent
Regent-Laura Ford
Second Vice Regent-Patricia Corrigan
Corresponding Secretary-Christina Owen Johnson
Historian-Sharron Baird

Chaplain-Judy Goddard
Treasurer-Marilyn New Shepherd
Librarian-Lisa Thompson Vincent

About DAR

   Felix LaBauve Chapter meets four times annually, at varying locations.  District meetings are in late July every year, in varying locations.  State Society Conference is in February each year, in Jackson, MS.  Continental Congress is in June/July each year, in Washington, DC.

Labauve House, Hernando, MS

Colonel Felix LaBauve, originally from Vauziers, France, came to DeSoto County in 1836.  He was in the mercantile business and studied law, but was better known as the editor of The Phoenix, an early DeSoto County newspaper.  The Phoenix is now known as the DeSoto Times-Tribune, and has been in continuous publication since its founding.  Col. Labauve served several terms in the Mississippi Legislature and as Clerk of DeSoto County.  There is a Felix LaBauve Scholarship currently active at the University of Mississippi.
His former home pictured is now privately owned.  He is also honored with a monument in the Hernando Cemetery.

   Membership in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution is open to any female 18 years of age or older, regardless of race or creed, who can prove direct lineage to a Patriot who participated in the American Revolutionary War between 1775 and 1783.  Questions about membership can be directed to Registrar Sandy Brent.

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Proven Patriots

Robert Abernathy, Jr., NC
James Anderson, VA
Patrick Anderson, PA
Alexander Aston, VA
William Ball, VA
William Beauchamp, NC
Mercy Raymond Bedford, NC
James Boggan, NC
Isaac Briggs, MA
Matthew Brinson, NC
William Byers, VA
Bedreadon Carraway, NC
John Carroll, MD
Israel Clark, MA
Benjamin Cockrum, VA
Uriah Conner, SC
Andrew Crockett, VA
John Crockett, VA
Benaiah Dean, MA
Robert Deering, VA
Thomas Deering, VA
William DeWitt, SC
John Eppes, VA
Barnabus Ellis, MA
Thomas Ellis, MA
Arthur Exum, NC
Edward Finch, NC
John Gibbs, MA
Andrew Gibson, NC
William Haley, VA
Abel Hammond, NH
Anthony Hansell, NJ
Pleasant Henderson, NC
Robert Higginbotham, VA
Robert Hill, NC
William Hill, NC
Benjamin Hodnett, VA
Pieter Hogeboom, NY
Ephraim Horne, SC
Charles Humphrey, SC
George Irish, RI
James Jackson, SC
William Jordan, VA
David Joy, MA
Robert Kent, VA
William Kent, VA
Philip King, VA
Daniel Lane Jr., MA
Daniel Lane Sr., MA
Charles Ledbetter, NC
Alexander LeGrande, VA
Josiah LeGrande, VA
Thomas Lewers, SC
Joshua Lyman, MA
Simeon Lyman, MA
Joseph Lyon, NJ
Matthias Lyon, NJ
William Massey, SC
William McKenney, NC
James Michie, VA
Robert Michie, VA
John Milner, GA
James Morgan, Sr., NJ
Samuel Morgan, VA
Samuel Neely, SC
Joseph Nelson, VA
William New, VA
Etheldred Owens, NC
John Page, SC
Joseph Parsons, NC
Enoch Pearson, SC
John Pearson, SC
John Porter, VA
John Ramsay, GA
William Ramsay, GA
John Rucker, VA
John Dietrich Rupert, PA
Colson Sampson, MA
John Saunders, NC
James Seawright, SC
John Seeley, SC
Samuel Seeley, SC
Robert Sevier, NC
Amey Spinks, NC
John Spinks, NC
John Spofford, VT
Thomas Stanford, SC
William Stewart, VA
Solomon Strickland, NC
Thomas Swift, MA
William Taylor, NC
Alexander Thompson, PA
John Threlkeld, VA
William Traylor, VA
Joseph Turner, SC
Allen Walker, NC
Media White, NC
John Whitten, VA
Micah Wild, MA
John Wilkerson, GA
William Wilkins, NC
Jesse Winborne, SC